If you see any item you are interested in on our auction pages, you can bid on these items before

they start auctioning them on the day of the auction.  The item will start at your bid and if no one else bids, you will win the item.  Credit Card or Debit Card (or cash) must be on file to pay for this item in case you win the bid.

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Providing great customer service and attention to detail for our customers is OUR PRIORITY!

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Our auctioneers are Jeff Borchardt and retired Joe VanRemoortere.  We have a professional, fun staff that makes going to an auction a great experience!  Settlement is made at the end of the auction!   We are proud to say, "For More Dollars on Auction Day... Sell the Borchardt Way!"

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715-589-4289 or 715-902-9185

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Borchardt Auction Service
2755 County Rd. N
Florence, WI 54121
Phone: (715) 589-4289 or (715) 902-9185

​Email: info@borchardtauctions.com or borchardtauctions@gmail.com

​WI License # 2437-052

Borchardt Auction Service offers a full service auction with 48 years of experience under our belt. We offer total preparation including cleaning, boxing, researching, and advertising your items in the proper fashion.  

We keep our commissions and services affordable and reasonable. Experience counts!

Advertising is done reasonably--flyers, website, and we email our customers with the auction listings.